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Misono knives, from Seki-city—a Japanese sword-making capital with a rich 800-year history—are esteemed for their high-quality, Western-style blades favored by professional chefs, reflecting a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern advancements


These features collectively make Misono knives not just tools, but cherished companions in professional kitchens, embodying the art of Japanese knife-making in every slice.

Seki-City Craftsmanship

Each knife is meticulously handcrafted in Seki-city, a place with an 800-year legacy in blade making, ensuring that every knife carries with it a piece of Japanese sword-making history.

Repurpose metrics

The UX10 series utilizes high-quality Swedish stainless steel, providing exceptional strength and stain resistance, coupled with superior edge retention to maintain sharpness through extensive use.

Exploit sticky metric

Unlike many manufacturers who outsource parts of their production, Misono's dedication to quality is evidenced by their in-house creation of each component of the knife, from forging to finishing.

Target innovative

Misono knives are tailored for professional chefs, with attention to balance, ergonomics, and blade geometry, enabling precision cutting and ease of maintenance.

Misono Products

Misono UX10 Chef's Knife No.712/21cm

Light weight 4.7

Giftable 4.5

Comfort 4.3

Value for money.4.2

Misono UX10 Santoku 7.0" (18cm)

Light weight 4.7

Giftable 4.5

Comfort 4.5

Value for money.4.3

ミソノ(Misono) No.5 Gyuto, 210mm, Silver

Light weight 5.0

Value for money.4.5

About Misono Knives

Misono knives are crafted by professional artisans in Seki-city, Gifu Prefecture, which is renowned for its over 800-year history in blade smithing, echoing the traditions of Japanese sword-making. As Japan's oldest Western-style knife maker, Misono stands out for producing all of its knives in-house, ensuring each piece is made with extreme attention to detail for quality assurance. Their knives are a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, designed to meet the demands of high-level professional chefs. The Misono UX10 series represents the pinnacle of their collection, featuring high-quality Swedish stain-resistant steel known for its long-lasting edge retention​​​​​​​​.


This knife may cost a lot, but if you or your family cooks much than this is the knife to have. It is very sharp and a dream to use. Why keep replacing cheaper low quality knives when you can get this type of quality.

Marcia Evans

This is a beautiful, well-made knife. It couldn’t be sharper. For these reasons I give it five stars. But I’m returning mine. It is great for all the reasons the reviewer’s gave it five stars. But I purchased it to cut root vegetables and it hasn’t enough heft for that. I’d like the weight of the knife to do my work for me, and this knife is nearly weightless.

CAT Lady

This is remarkably lightweight for its size, which is the reason I bought it. I have another knife this length, but often find it unwieldy for my (female) hand. This knife feels almost weightless! It’s razor sharp. I cannot speak to the longevity of the edge because it’s still quite new. I do like the feel and balance of the thing, though.


An incredibly balanced multi purpose knife which is very sharp. Ergonomics are great and the slight radius allows one to rock it for chopping. I highly recommend it.

Charles Anderson

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Misono continues to uphold the 800-year knife-making tradition of Seki with skilled craftsmen who combine time-honored techniques with modern technology, thus ensuring the brand's popularity in both the US and Europe. For inquiries or support regarding their top-quality knives, customers can contact Misono's online store support, available Monday through Saturday, from 11 AM to 7 PM Eastern Time.


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